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Animated Whiteboard Video Needed Asap

July 10th, 2012 Comments off

I and my brother are opening a new website and we need a kickass whiteboard video this will lead to a long term relationship I have some ideas 🙂 lets talk 🙂
take a look at the website

also need it added to a new youtube Account 🙂 and also find a way for it 2 be put on daily motion 🙂


Whiteboard Membership Site Project

June 14th, 2012 Comments off

Whiteboard Membership Site Project

I am looking for a skilled programmer to build a membership website for me. My idea for the website is explained in the power point file attached to this post. Along with creating the site, the programmer should be able to teach me how to run it once it has been built as I am new with the process. The membership site should have the following general structure:

Site Structure:
(see for example of site structure)

Page …

Whiteboard Animation

March 10th, 2012 Comments off

We are looking to out source whiteboard animation video production work

To a high level of production we are a London UK based video production company.

Here is an example of the level of quality we need

Skp: Matt_Castle

Whiteboard Animation Video Sometimes Called 2d Animation

December 31st, 2011 Comments off

Im looking to create a whiteboard animation video i think its also called 2d animation I want you to handle creating something like the
price is my greatest concern

the audio track is already completed
and is 6 minutes long….

Flex Whiteboard

December 26th, 2011 Comments off

Flex WhiteBoard – Easy Board is an interactive application using RED5 server as a streaming media server interaction, Java as a document server, Flash as the client.

Main features include:
1.Can draw and write on the whiteboard, and can move these shape, size, control, delete, color changes and so on.
2.You can upload pictures or common office documents, and to demonstrate the whiteboard support the doc, pdf, ppt, excel and other formats for office documents.
3.Easy Board to interact with …

Video Animation Whiteboard Animation Topography Animatio

December 14th, 2011 Comments off

Hi …
we are DIRECT SALES / MLM company seacretdirect
our website is
we are looking for someone that is specialize in video / animation creation with copy-writing abilities therre are few videos neededto be created there few samples below of the required work

Creation Of Animation / Whiteboard/ Topography Animation

December 14th, 2011 Comments off

Hello …
i got your bid for my prior project and i saw your protfolio and liked your work and the creartivity …
we are MLM company seacret …
there are many projects that i belive we can do with your company
i would like to set up a call via skype for intruduction
and them we will be able to review the long list of projects we have

feel free to contact me at
skype r.meirovich

Clone Script

November 9th, 2011 Comments off

I need a fully functional clone of this website: wiziq(.)com / teacheo(.)com

Which includes:
*Registration of users and separation of type of users. Scheduling of meetings

*Instant collaborative whiteboard with full audio and video communication capabilities.

*Mathematic tools for the whiteboard(mini Latex integration), 2D functions interpretation and drawing.

* .doc, ppt, pdf, png, jpeg, etc … support (for the whiteboard)

* paypal payment system

*Optional: live recording of the whiteboard and audio (flv format).


Online Tutoring Website

September 27th, 2011 Comments off

I require an online tutoring website created from scratch, including design/wireframing, logo design, and a very comprehensive CMS.

The website will need to have the following features

1) Fully functional with all major web browsers (incl Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris)

2) Blog

The member area of the site will need to have the following features;

3) Integrated online payment system (Paypal)

4) Video conferencing (for multiple students who can be set to either participant or observer mode)

5) Screen sharing

6) Messaging and chat facility (including group chat)

7) File presenting (various formats e.g. videos, powerpoint slides, PDF etc) with facility to mark up using whiteboard below

8) Interactive whiteboard (with image capture and paste). Image markup over a realtime shared screen

9) Multiple students per classroom

10) Ability to record and store entire sessions as they happen and save images from the whiteboard as required.

It is extremely important that the site has a professional feel and is very intuitive to use.

Please do not bid on this project unless you are comfortable that you can deliver all of these features to a high standard.

There will likely to follow on work if this is completed to a high standard.

I insist on 100% payment via escrow, upon satisfactory completion of the project.

Kind regards


Chat System With Whiteboard

May 17th, 2011 Comments off

I am looking for a developer that can create a online chat system that integrates a white board feature.

The user’s interaction will be like that of a teacher and student. The teachers need to be logged in and on standby. Once a student arrives and asks for a service that is one of the services that the teacher provides (math, for instance), one teacher will be automatically paired with a student. If the teacher does not provide a good enough answer, student must be allowed to “reconnect” and get the next teacher in line.


Create A White Board For Use With Ipad Or Android Tablet

April 13th, 2011 Comments off

I would like to create a whiteboard for either the Ipad or the Android tablet that allows you to write directly on the whiteboard utilizing a stylus. It should also allow you to record the sessions on the whiteboard synchronized with voice for replay at a later time. Please pmb if you would like more specific details.

Flex Whiteboard Component

November 27th, 2009 Comments off

I need shared flex whiteboard component for my website on flex, working on shared objects (red5 or FMS). I need a full source code. Don’t bid if you haven’t a demo.
Thank you

Red5 Shared Whiteboard

August 24th, 2009 Comments off

I am searching for someone who can do a Shared Whiteboard in [Flash AS2 OR FLEX] (i prefer Flash AS2 but for a good price i change to flex) AND Red5 (Java).

I need both parts – the flash/flex and the JAVA part (Red5).
All source-codes must be included.

Object Selector (Arrow – after object is selected – options for bring to front, send to back, color change and fill color change)
Polygon (border size, filled or without filling, x sides)
Ellipse (border size, filled or without filling)
Rectangle (also rounded option, border size, filled or without filling)
Arrow (both sides, beginning, end, border size)
Bubble Text

Different border-sizes, border-colors and fill-colors.
The created objects must to have be clickable, deletable, moveable and resizeable.

Yeah, that’s all for now.
Ask me for questions.

Java Web Conferernce Applicati

April 17th, 2009 Comments off

This project is to create an online conference java application system just like:

You can register for a free account and see the details of how it works.

The main features include:
video/audio streaming
browser sharing/syncronization

To see exact features, please create a free account so you can see full functionality before bidding.

An overview of menu selection from the website administration area are:
Office Home
Room Settings
User Accounts
Online Now
Login History
My Calendar
Live Support

A complete list of features and menu for the Java Application includes:

Live Application menu items for moderator:
Record Presentation Alt+R
Pause Recording Alt+P
Away Alt+Shift+W
Mute Audio Output Alt+Shift+D
Latch Talk Button Alt+L
Press and Hold Talk Key
Left Control
Right Control
Left Control
Left Shift
Right Shift
Disabled Alt+D
Application Only
Sound Effects
Always Play Sounds
Play Sounds When I’m not Speaking
Never Play Sounds
Microphone On
Microphone Lost
Unread Text Message
User Entered
User Left
Text Messaging
Timestamp Messages
Show Colors
Show Emoticons
Use Tabs for Private Messaging
Show Enter and Leave Messages
New Language
Microphone Volume

Home Shift+F5
Stop Alt+Q
Reload F5
Go Back Alt+Left
Go Forward Alt+Right
Open Page in Whiteboard Alt+O
Open Presentation Alt+Shift+O
Previous Slide Alt+Shift+Left
Next Slide Alt+Shift+Right
Show Text Log Alt+Shift+B

Chat Conversations Alt-E
Chat Next Unread Conversation Alt-N
Chat Display Alt-Y
Chat Send To Alt-S
Chat Typing Alt-T
User Display Alt-U
Microphone Volume Alt+J
Speaker Volume Alt+K
Browser Address Alt+A
Browser Window Alt+F5

Synchronized Browsing F3
Lock Room (prevents any more users from logging in) F4
Moderate Text Chat Shift-F4
Terminate screencast
Take Away Microphone (current speaker) F6
Mute Audio (current speaker) F9
Disconnect (current speaker) F7
Raise Volume (current speaker) Alt-Up
Lower Volumn (current speaker) Alt-Down
Clear Talk Queue Shift-F6
Mute Text (all users) Shift-F8
Mute Audio (all users) Shift-F9
Disconnect All Users

(connects to IE and Firefox favorites)

Online Help F1
About this application Shift-F1

On Main Viewing Area on the Right:

Browser Button Controls
Go Back
Go Forward
Open Page in Whiteboard
Open Presentation (odp, ppt files)
Cached Presentations
Previous Slide
Jump to Slide
Next Slide
Browser Navigation bar

Whiteboard Controls
Open (gif, jpg, png files)
Window Snapshot
Live Screencasting
Screen Casting Mode (area of screen, window selection)
Open Presentation (odp, ppt files)
Cached Presentations
Previous Slide
Jump to Slide
Next Slide
Selective Undo
Line Thickness
Laser Pointer
Select Shape: Elipse, Rectangle, Filled Elipse, Filled Rectangle
Toggle Annotations

Wiziq Whiteboard Clone

April 2nd, 2009 Comments off

I need a fully functional clone of this website: . Which includes:
*Registration of users and separation of type of users. Scheduling of meetings

*Instant collaborative whiteboard with full audio and video communication capabilities.

*Mathematic tools for the whiteboard(mini Latex integration), 2D functions interpretation and drawing.

* .doc, ppt, pdf, png, jpeg, etc … support (for the whiteboard)

*Optional: live recording of the whiteboard and audio (flv format).

All propositions will be considered and studied.