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Remove Unused Css & Js Code – Magento

July 10th, 2012 Comments off

Remove Unused CSS or JS code: We have noticed that in our theme, there are lots of unused code written which unnecessarily adding up to the file size of css and js. Removing all unused code is considered good for speed optimization. Goal here is to further “Reduce file size”. We would like an experienced person to remove out all unused codes so that file size is reduced and ready for good speed optimization.

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Trimcss(doc) – Javascript Function To Remove Unused Css

July 4th, 2012 Comments off

I want a javascript function that removes unused CSS selectors from a document.

—> function trimCss(doc)

The result of calling this function will be that the document looks exactly the same but the CSS (viewed in Firebug) will be minimized to just the parts which are used.

It only needs to run in the Firefox javascript engine (for now).

There are hundreds of samples, mostly implemented as part of various extensions and web pages.

Some useful links here: http://stackoverflow.c…

Css/layout Changes And Remove Unused Images/files

October 31st, 2011 Comments off

I need some simple changes to the layout of my site the images down the left hand side of the page need to change and I need someone competant to remove old images that are not being used. please only quote if you can do this simple work 100% effectively I AM MORE CONCERNED ABOUT LAYOUT CHANGES RIGHT NOW

Looking For Unused Twitter App

June 2nd, 2009 Comments off

I’m setting up a twitter app that uses a the “Basic” twitter login as opposed to the newer “OAuth” login approach ( I’m doing this for usability reasons (keeping a simpler flow for the user).

After launching OAuth, twitter has decided *not* to credit the source client if using Basic Auth. i.e Posts from my app will appear like “about X hours ago from web” as opposed to “about X hours ago from myapp”.

This was implemented around 03/2009, however twitter has stated that older apps (those created previous to 03/2009) will continue to get credited (as the source) even if using “Basic” auth, at least until it gets fully deprecated.

I’m looking for a programer with twitter app created pre-03/2009 which is no longer using it, or has lost interest in continuing its development.

Since twitter accounts & app names can be renamed, I would take over your account (associated to the app) and rename it, as well as rename the app. So there would be no traces of you/your app once it’s under my control. Also, for increased security, you’d simply change the pw to something generic before giving me access.

Makes sense?

Hopefully I’ll get a few candidates (notice: I’m open to buy more than one if available)