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Business Listings (70) Local Search Sites

July 10th, 2012 Comments off

I need 70 business listings added to local search sites. Here is a list of the search sites. (Has a list of most of them)

Judy’s Book

Qype (Have to add with Map Maker or Creating citations and then get reviews from Citysearch, Judy’s Book, Qype, or Yahoo Local or on; if you add your business to Localeze, InfoUSA, Yelp, and a few others, you will have a Place page automatica…

Travel Affiliate Aggregation Script W/ WordPress Integration

June 19th, 2012 Comments off

We need to have a platform that seamlessly integrates multiple affiliates in order to provide the best deals on vacation/travel destinations.
We need to have the following functions:
1. Full social media integration and specialized features directed towards a given travel destination.
2. Be able to expand the site’s affiliate network in order to include multiple affiliates that rank well with consumers.
3. Extensions and customized widgets per affiliate that can create a seamless environm…

Quick Bug Fix

June 15th, 2012 Comments off

Please see attached screenshot, we have got a slight bug that yelp reviews etc are not showing up towards the bottom of our newly created pages via cms, please see below link:

Correct page should look like this:

Another bug is that these newly created pages are not showing up by distance when location is detected on th…

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Mobile Coupon Expert Needed

June 11th, 2012 Comments off

I am looking for a Mobile Coupon Expert that has developed mobile apps and maybe a mobile coupon app.

Looking to work with Google Places Yelp YP or FourSquare to obtain data for companies and listings.

Looking for something like

If you have Mobile Developent Experience and have developed some apps please send me sample work demos etc.

Web-based Social Media Marketing Tool

June 11th, 2012 Comments off

Looking to create a Web-Based platform that provides businesses with easy-to-use marketing tools that integrate with Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media Websites.
Customers are everywhere online. Looking for a platform, you can communicate with customers from one location and broadcast it to social and local search sites, and email too.

Create announcements, offers, and events and send them out via email, post to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

This will be a web-based program that will…

WordPress Review Plugin

June 7th, 2012 Comments off

I need to create a WordPress Review plugin that allows a user to enter their own 5 star reviews into the system. We are manually gathering and reposting Yelp, Google Places and other rating sites reviews into this plugin.

-Ability to add the image/logo file of the source review page (for example, the ability to add the Yelp logo to the review)
– 5 star rating system
– Ability to add images to the review
– Ability to add text to the page (just testimonials), that are placed on…

Front End Real Estate Website

May 23rd, 2012 Comments off

I currently need a team who can provide a front end site written in .NET 4.x on Entity Framework using C# and not VB. This project is urgent, as my current team is unavailable. All of the design will be provided in .PSD format. Here are the specifications, functionality:

– Pull property data from a live XML 3 times daily and insert into database. Each containing element will have about 30 nodes of information.

– Pull personnel data from a live XML 1 time nightly and insert into database.

Yelp Review Listing With Google Maps

May 22nd, 2012 Comments off

I need to add a yelp web app to my website using the yelp api to display reviews in both a listing format and in a google map. (see example:

The user/visitor must be able to search for restaurants, bars, cafes, diners etc and get nearby results of businesses with yelp reviews. Currently my website does have the search functionality that returns reviews in the google map (taken from yelp example – see here: I …

Yelp Reviews – Us Based Free-lancers Only

May 11th, 2012 Comments off

Easy money!!! Use your Yelp account to submit a positive review for our business and flag few negative reviews. We will provide the review content, work shouldn’t take more then 5 minutes.
We will allow 10 people for the job.
The payment will be put in escrow when project starts and release it after the review has been submitted.
$10 / review

Local Listing Scrapper

April 19th, 2012 Comments off

Im looking for someone that can produce a web based local listing scrapper. I prefer wordpress plugin but i can deal with php script.

the example would be here:

landing page:

results page: country=USA&[q]source=uds[AND]q=%28305%29+978-0682[AND]cid=15971856645852607940& city=Miami%20Beach& state=FL& bname=Sibley%20Realty%20Inc& add=1111%20Lincol…

Business Directory Submission – 30+ Listings + 8 Directories

April 16th, 2012 Comments off

Hello. We need someone to add 40 businesses (we will provide full business information) to these 7 sites:

1.) InfoUSA
4.) HotFrog
5.) Yahoo Local
6.) Yelp
7.) BrownBook
8.) Localeeze

Please let me know you’re rate and expected turn around time.

We will also need you to add 1 review for each business (we will provide the reviews to use as well) to and

This can be a long term project, as we can do 40 businesses per week if you…

Online Reputation Managment Expert

April 8th, 2012 Comments off

I have a client that has several negatives reviews about their business on various websites such as Yelp, Google Places, Google search results, etc. We need someone to remove, hide them from normal users.
Please get back to me on a proposal of your methods and process for me to analyze. This is for a 6 months contract so bid your full price according to this duration.

Subscriber And Page Capture In WordPress Format

March 22nd, 2012 Comments off

We are looking for a PHP or Word Press developer that can cater our needs to develop our website. The developer should have a sense of providing inputs with the design.
The layout or initial design will be provided with all the details.

Website functionality requirements:

1. Convert PDF file into HTML format. Texts and or items should searchable

2. Search Engine – this is to search all the registered subscriber by location such as; zipcode, city and County

3. User…


March 8th, 2012 Comments off

Hi. We want to take all the best from: Facebook,, Grindr, Groupon, Yelp, and MTV (the way you used to know it from the

Need Software Developed

February 12th, 2012 Comments off

I need someone to develop an application that can look at data from and tell me all of the bars and nightclubs in a specific area or city (like San Francisco) that have DJ under the music category:

See image here:

Can you do this?

Groupdeal Extra Modifications And Usability

February 12th, 2012 Comments off

We have a groupdeal website which needs a few extra modifications . Our website can be found here:

First of all we want the deals to be posted by the merchants themselves, means a button, with post deal, Than we get a similar option as here: when he is logged in.(Exactly like this!!)

Before posting a deal merchants must create merchants page, which show all details about the company, shipping details .than he can select a package with n…

Facebook And Twitter Advertising Needed Month To Month

February 6th, 2012 Comments off

Please we ask that you take the time to read full details so you are a match to the requirement. Do not respond if you do not understand or do not meet our expectations.

We require a Facebook and twitter Advertising month to month.

We require you to create a schedule and post communications on our facebook and twitter landing pages collectively, known as standard and premium content.

Daily Monitoring, responding and interacting to each business day on behalf of us, Client, on facebo…

Yelp Clone + Alibaba+ Retailmenot & Social Module

February 1st, 2012 Comments off

We are launching a hair themed product & service review site. We have the following scripts that need to be modified in order to work together with one login and one common design.

Meeplace (for reviews)
Owssoftware (for coupons/deals)
Agriya Channel (for videos)
Alibaba script (We don’t have this, and would need your advice in purchasing one. We will only need to implement the hair supplier’s category.
Api additions from and Citysearch that go along with our own reviews of ser…

Business Directory Submission – 40 Listings + 7 Directo 2

January 2nd, 2012 Comments off

Hello. We need someone to add 40 businesses (we will provide full business information) to these 7 sites:








We will also need you to add 1 review for each busin…

Business Directory Submission – 40 Listings + 7 Directories

December 23rd, 2011 Comments off

Hello. We need someone to add 40 businesses (we will provide full business information) to these 7 sites:








We will also need you to add 1 review for each busin…

Groupon Clone

December 14th, 2011 Comments off

********* budget is small, only bid if you have demo and reviews ***************

My client needs 100% Groupon clone with some additional features. Any one has the similar developed site may contact me with demo with admin.
my budget is very small don’t bid more.

check my requirements, understand if u have any query then ask, if all is ok then bid.

I will make payment after completion of project. only experienced developer/ company

additional requirements in script:

– City-manager…

Data Entry – Business Directory Submission + Review

December 11th, 2011 Comments off

Hello. We need someone to add 40 businesses (we will provide full business information) to these 7 sites:








We will also need you to add 1 review for each busin…

Php Review And Rating Website Needed. Like Yelp

December 1st, 2011 Comments off

Looking for experienced developer with a track record, portfolio, and previous employer references that can create a clone website that will integrate with our rating and reviews mobile app software. We will provide you with data model and you will provide us original source files (no license vendor sites please) for a website which will be php with mysql.

Should have similar features to: and this license version at

Final deliverables will include:


November 30th, 2011 Comments off

We are looking for programmers that can build a website with incorporation of a database. In addition we would also like to utilize Google maps feature in our website. In essence our website design technically should be similar to in regards to its programming. More details can be provided if needed. Thanks for your time.

Social Network And Pc/mac Application

November 30th, 2011 Comments off

We need a social network (Yelp like), which ranks individuals instead of businesses. To use a site like this as an example, someone (you) would sign up as a ‘business’ and say that you are an expert in programming. Others (me) would sign up as a ‘user’ and be able to sort through the exact same way that Yelp works. The website is a different version of Yelp.

But most importantly, we need an application which not only allows users to browse the same network (our website through an application)…

Location Based App With Notifications 2

November 8th, 2011 Comments off

The app will produce a list of a certain amenity with details of your distance from them based on your current location.
I will be able to send notifications to the user based on their location about special deals for the amenities close to them.
in the app you will select one amenity as your favorite and i will be able to send messages to you specific to the selection

other simple abilities will be added.
A very basic UI required to be edited by myself.
explained code required for future editing.
all files will be required
some similarities to yelp and apps

Need Someone To Post Businesses In Local Biz Directories

November 8th, 2011 Comments off

I Need Someone to Post Businesses in Local Biz Directories –

I will provide you with 3 to 5 business listings per week. I need you to post these on:

angies list

and other local biz directories. i want 20 to 25 biz directories per business i assign. this IS long term, and will need you on a weekly basis to do this.

you MUST make yourself available on skype for times of your choice. this is all about communication, no disappearing acts or you dont get paid.

Promoting A Website On The Net

November 4th, 2011 Comments off

We have this website:

We wanted to post an ad with a company today and they refused to post our ad, saying we don’t have enough presence on the website.

It was suggested that we should have:

1. Web reviews, media mentions, social networking,

2. Essentially they needed 10 positive reviews on our services on either Yelp,, or the yellowpages.

3. They wanted a Facebook page with 30+ fans. We have a Facebook page, just needs fans and tools to promote it. I tried to put a facebook “like” button on home page, but it doesn’t seem to function.

Please let me know in which ways can you help promote (Adding proper social media links to the site and fan pages to face book will be preferred.) How long would it take? and how much would you charge for it?

I Need A Website For My Online Project: Social Review Site

November 1st, 2011 Comments off

Hi, I am from Guatemala (so sorry for my english for I speak spanish) and I need a review site for my country. There are no review sites for Guatemala and I want to build one, of course with your help.

I want to buil a site where you can review everything, from establishments to products inside the establishments.

I want it to be kind of social because I want the people to open accounts/profiles where they can submit their reviews and rate things.

The profiles must have the following:
– Full Name (first and last)
– Username
– Picture
– Products reviewed and rated
– How many products the user loves, likes, don’t care and dislikes.

The review must have the following:

– Name of the product (leave blank if not a product): (e.g. capuccino)
– Name of the establishment: (e.g. starbucks coffee)
– Where is it? (adress): (e.g. Oakland Mall, Zona 10, Ciudad de Guatemala)
– Upload a picture: (e.g. the picture of the capuccino)
– Rate: (Rate options are: love, like, don’t care, dislike)
– Comment
– Tags (e.g. cofee, capuccino)

Then, I want the user to be able to search writting tags or by categories. The categories will be listed as:
– By product
– By establishment
– Recommended

Recommended products will be those with the most “loves” ratings.

Users won’t be able to submit a product that already exist. But they can love, like, don’t care or dislike those existing products.

In the frontpage there will be the website logo, an explanatory video, the Register/Sign In button and below of that, two columns, the Top products and the latest products.

Extra info:
I got the idea from and
I want the attractive of my website to be the design. I didn’t like the design of so I want nothing like
On the other hand, I LOVED the design of so I would really liked if you could keep it simple like, in fact, you could say I want a website just like but only for my country Guatemala.

Hope you can do it.

Kind regards

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Icebox- Looking For A Good Go-daddy Website Tonight Designer

October 29th, 2011 Comments off

1- I need to add some features to a clients website. It is very plain and simple. If I could update it, and maybe make the one picture at the top turn into a slide show of several pictures of the food he offers. I also need to make the Phone Number and Fax number Stand out.

2- I would like to add His Facebook, Twitter, Yelp,and other social media links to the site with the logos of each.

3- I also need to add the Logos for: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, JCB, Dinners Club,and gift cards. Also a logo saying Now accepting Google Wallet, Merchant Service Provider. First Data Independent Sales,ITEX,

4- I would also like to be able to set up a way where clients can E-mail there orders into a fax machine. Not sure if there is a program for this or not.

5- I would like to add a map on the bottom to show where the location is. Also with a link that says Click here for directions and takes them to google maps. Also Make sure his address is updated on Google, Bing, Etc.

Do not have a lot of money for this project but once we can bring in some traffic and business we will start some SEO work. Not sure if you could throw any basic seo stuff into this project or not. Let me know.

Yahoo And Yelp Reviews…

October 21st, 2011 Comments off

I am looking for someone to do 3 reviews of my business weekly for a period of 3-6months. Must be written as if you were a female. What are your feeds for a project like this?


Ambrose Gonzalez

Review Website Similar To Yelp

October 18th, 2011 Comments off

I need a custom review script made for a website. The concept is a Yelp style website for Hospital reviews.
The website will list hospitals in different countries and allow users to search based on country and the procedure they perform and also to review them. As such, the main features should be:

– Ability to Add Hospital both by a business and from admin, and moderated by admin before being added. Also the ability for a hospital to claim its profile if it’s been added by the admin
– Ability by admin to set the custom fields which the hospital can fill out. So while the basic fields will be Hospital name, Country, City, Address and Contact details there needs to be the ability to add more custom fields as the admin wishes.
– Hospitals should be able to list which procedures they do and optionally list the estimate price for each procedure.
– The procedures list should be edited by the admin.
– Everything should be template based so that the design can be edited
– Hospitals should be able to add profiles for their doctors and fill out their CVs
– Ability to charge hospitals a monthly fee depending on the subscription level hospital profile
– Admin should be able to edit subscription packages in the admin panel, each package allowing the hospital to perform certain actions such as: Edit their own profile, Add photos/videos, Add custom fields, Have prices shown, Respond to reviews

I currently have a script that can do some of these features but I need either a completely new and custom script or edit the current one which is Meeplace:

I have attached mockups of the design and the website in the PMB

Reviews And Rating Script

October 11th, 2011 Comments off

We need a reviews and Rating site
Something similar to and

Kindly send us a good proposal, your previous work …


Mobile Website

October 11th, 2011 Comments off

Create a mobile site with the use of jQueryMobile.

– It will have around 10 pages with dynamic content (PHP).
– Some pages will include Yelp Reviews, GoogleMap

More Details on PMB
Write on PMB the WORD : mobi (to consider your bid)

Yelp Help Http://

September 29th, 2011 Comments off

A client of mine got a negative review posted on his Yelp account. It was from another company he has never heard of. He needs to figure out a way to remove it and put the positive reviews that he has back. If you know how please respond. Thanks

Iphone And Ipad Reviews And Ratings App

September 28th, 2011 Comments off

Looking for experienced developer with a track record, portfolio, and previous employer references that can build us an app and its accompanying supporting website. We will provide you with data model and UI screens, and you will provide development for approximately a dozen screens with sql lite using core data. The accompanying website will be php with mysql. If selected, you are required to sign non disclosure agreement. The app will have similar functionality to some of my competitors. Visit links below:

Find Good Domain Name For Site Like Yelp 2

September 25th, 2011 Comments off


I am building a site like yelp .com where people can review business and at the same time buy deals or products of businesses at discounted price if available.

Please help me to find a good domain name which is easy to remember and available for regular price.

You will get your bid amount if I register or buy domain. PM me with domain names.



September 23rd, 2011 Comments off

-Next I am looking to make the best umbrella site possible for the cheapest amount possible. I would like to change the content of my current site and make 1 big umbrella site. I can use the content from my current site and just change the business name FDIS to MSP. I would also like to make the site look completely different from the current site. My Business can sell from a credit card processing all the way to websites, domains, hosting’s, etc. For the new site I was thinking about . Then having the sub-domains be;;;; ; etc. I also want to put a page or link on every site that says looking for a job? Then I will need to purchase and have that page mimic with the content changed to MSP. I am a reseller for Go.Daddy and have my reseller account under at the moment. So I can purchase the domains myself as well as the hosting. I need help with the content change, and to make great sites. I would also like an app for mobile phones, as well as to be able to sell those to businesses. I don’t have much money but I am hoping that with the help of the internet this could change. With my business I am offering all services needed for a merchant. 1 stop shop type deal. I also would like to have a way that other businesses can join the site, or a different site as a type of service provider. I would like to try to figure out a way where if other businesses offer a type of service they can link up with me and I can sub-contract them out if needed. (Janitorial services, landscaping, contractors, real-estate, insurance, etc). I currently already preform these services but I am not promoting it at all. I would like to pay as little as possible or perhaps do it in steps. If I can find a company who can help me build my site then I will use them for every site that I sell. I would also like to plug my Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, all other social media pages together to help bring traffic to the site. I have been sub contracting these services to a web-developer over here but he is too expensive. I need to find an alternative fast. Clone

September 23rd, 2011 Comments off

I need a clone on off, but customized to my specs. Exact details of project will be provided to selected bidders. Project being funded by venture capital. So only the best will be contacted.

Website theme:
Review website for consumers to rate businesses, services, products, and even other people; similar to with social media feature, to allow user to share post.
What is needed:
Full functionality that would come with a review site: Front /Back (Admin)
Business Owner Portal: will be setup via admin
User Account setup/login
Custom Graphics that fit with website them
Advertiser space

**Because of privacy, exact details of website theme will only be given to project winner***

Find Good Domain Name For Site Like Yelp

September 21st, 2011 Comments off


I am building a site like yelp .com where people can review business and at the same time buy deals or products of businesses at discounted price if available.

Please help me to find a good domain name which is easy to remember and available for regular price.

You will get your bid amount if I register or buy domain. PM me with domain names.