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Need Website Designed Quickly/ Will Pay

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Word Press Theme Websites 10

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We are building 100 WP theme websites. Need help loading content and images. Bid 10 at a time. Lots of work for the right programmer.

Three Page Psd To Xhtml/css For Wp Theme

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PSD to XTML/CSS Coder Required.

– Must have good experience on XHTML/CSS and Jquery as well.
– XHTML W3C validate
– Cross-browser compatible IE(6,7,8,9)/ Firefox/ Chrome/ Safari
– Tableless CSS
– No inline styling
– Without cutting text as pictures

One psd will be provided.

Please see attached samples and give me your best quote and fastest time you can finish.


Push WordPress Web Form Data To Infusionsoft

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Hi, I am looking to send WordPress CFORM data to infusionsoft contacts.

Currently, the web form acts as a calculator and sends the inputed data to a database as well as a page that calculates based on the inputed information.

I want to keep the same functionality with form and how it calculates on the “thank you” page…but also send the email & first name to infusionsoft.

Experienced bidders only. Programming experts.

Date Driver

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This has to be original code. I will not pay till I receive a passing grade for this project. thanks

Php Script Modification

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I need this script modified.

Right now it creates totals by adding info from each user visit, this is slow and has created a huge database. I would prefer that the database create new entries for each tracked domain, and then added to the totals. I still want to keep all the values.

The 24 hours stats are based on the last 24 hours time frame. I want it changed, so that daily totals are based on the time in between running a reset file that will set daily totals to 0. I will run this …

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I saw webpage describe you may be the programmer who used to clone or develop something from

actually, I have the same request and I would like some of the UI, and convert into

Instagram Like And Follow Script

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I need a php, asp or javascript that can like a picture or follow a user on instagram with multiple accounts.

Sscript should be fast and efficient. It should be able to handle 5000 username and password combination to like or follow upto 500 pictures or users at same time.

You can make either 2 different script to like a picture and follow a user or you can do it in a sinlge script. Its simple and easy project.

PM me for any queries


Simple Html/js Script With Input And Validation

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I need a script that will do the following:

1) Show 9 empty input boxes like _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
2) Users must be able to write letters in 9 blanks and when 1st blank is filled go to 2nd blank etc.
3) The 9 blanks are the 9 characters of a word that the system must hold somewhere.
4) When all blanks are filled execute a validation to see how many letters are correct.

There will be thousands of 9-letter words that the system will choose randomly from an array. Each time the script is execu…

Tweaking Php Code/mysql Database

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I run a football website where users make picks on a weekly basis. Want to add more features so need additional coding/tables built. I believe the work required is minimal time commitment and hoping job can be completed in a very short turn-around

Chemist/pharmacist Required

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Hello Chemists/Pharmacists,
We require the detailed analysis and comparison of 2-3 ingredients. We will provide the CAS# number and require you to provide the structural formula, synonyms/different names, differences between the ingredients, isomers, etc.

A strong chemist/pharmacist and biomed background is essential so that this can be completed very quickly in several hours.

Thank you.

Need File Htmlized

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Need file htmlized, please see attached instructions for file and image to be htmlized. Modifications And Customizations

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Hi … The plan is to implement the open souce micro blogging application over a client intranet network. The application and Database implementation will be handled by me. I am only looking for someone who can help modify and customize

– I want someone who is ready for unlimited edits and has worked with and fluent with the application. The person should be professional and ensure on time delivery.
– I need this done in approx. 7-8 days.
– The de…

Java Small Job

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Looking for a java programmer for a small job.

We need to create a jar accessible by a JNLP from a browser. That jar should receive a encrypted value in the JNLP which will be the address of a real JNLP that will be launched from the JAR.

The purpose of this is to hide the real JNLP (which is not managed by us) so people cannot play with the settings.

I Need Clone Of Www.dontstayin(dot)com

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I need clone of this website to allow me to do the same features such as post events have photo gallerys advertisings and users like it

the domain of the site is www.dontstayin(dot)com

WordPress Website Modifications And Optimization

July 10th, 2012 Comments off

This is a relatively simple, but urgent job. Please review the project requirements closely and DO NOT bid unless you can guarantee completion of NO LATER THAN July 13, 2012.


? Optimize the coding, content, images, and media on pages throughout the website to reduce the time it takes for pages to load.

? Develop an improved special events calendar, with capabilities for sending enhanced event invitations and processing event registration. This will also inc…

Web Portal Development

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The project is for a web portal. The details have been attached. Please provide an estimate for the cost of developing the site.

Facebook/odesk Style Site/job Board Needed

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Looking for a designer who can create a Facebook/LinkedIn style site that allows users to create profiles and display their portfolio of work.

Interface must be clean and simple to navigate. Need users to be able to log in using a username and password as well as login using LinkedIn.

Site will be like an oDesk or in use, but specific to a particular industry.

Need a programmer/scripter that can create this platform for me, make it user friendly and easy to navigate. A…


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Need a programmer for a small project, need adjustment to script on classifieds website. Must have programmer experience, immediately.

Phplist Input Of Email And Name On Left Column

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I need to have a name and email and submit on my left column of my site. It needs to integrate with PHPList to collect the names and emails that I can send out.

Jackpot Jocker Vbulletin 4 Forum

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Hi there guys, I’m looking for a coder who will make a gambling game for me. People from vbulletin 4 forum will be buying credits (let’s say for a pound)and than for the credit will buy a raffle ticket. Than the system will roll one person from all people who bought raffle tickets from current week and the person chosen by the system will pick 1/52 cards from the deck. If the jocker will be withdrawn than the person will win the jackpot if not than another prize. If the joker won’t be withdrawn …

Clan Website

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Hi guys i just opend a clan website any waywith 3 server
1.bf3 64 slots
2.bc2 32 slots
3.cod 48 slots
any way i need somebody to design website for and and my forum

Auto Music Tag Editor

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I am in the need of an Auto music tag editor that will require the following:

I will provide open source codes that will aid in the development of this program. Source codes I believe are written in C++ and Python.

a) File Loading:

(1) Launch Program, select Directory or File.

(2) Program will put untagged files in its

Quick Fix

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We have a small piece of code that needs fixing so that the links in flags on the top right of our header at work without effecting the more…link pop up after services are at no cost to you.

Looking at fixing this asap. Thank you kindly.

Also we have additional projects that we would be happy to work with the developer that we choose. Looking for great work and clean advanced coding.

Replica Of This Site Script:

July 9th, 2012 Comments off

1. the script must support UTF-8

2. The script should work the same way, use mysql to store data and also use nice dropdowns.

3.login system also need with facebook and google. must be possible to update or add new features.

“”Of course, the script must have admin panel””

and finally: those who have demo site are more likely to be the choice to take the projects of

Mp3 Player-bar In Header

July 9th, 2012 Comments off

[THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR A SIMPLE MP3 PLAYER! I would like to implement what can be seen on the sites below, and nothing else]

Reference sites:

All of these sites use Ajax coding to implement their players.

I would like to create an MP3 player that runs in the header, but will automatically start playing/switch to songs that are played from the ma…

Simple Website Change Notification Script

July 9th, 2012 Comments off

Hi, I require simple perl script writing that queries a web page search form and advises me by email or SMS (preferably SMS) whenever the number of results from the web page query increases.

A simple hard coded script based on the fixed search URL, and fixed results HTML page that only varies each time by the numerical result in question here.

Would like it done as quickly as possible.

Simple Php Script

July 9th, 2012 Comments off

We need a small php/mysql script that do the following:

1) Insert users into mysql table (id, name, image)
2) Delete users from mysql table
3) Retrieve all records from users table and make an html table with each row has:
image, name, field1, field2, field3
4) Make mass insert into tables according to field1, field2, field3… where each tables have id, uid, value, date (id is auto_increment and uid is user’s id)

It is a simple task with few knowledge of php/mysql.
Low offers and spe…

Data Scraper

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We are looking for a reliable programmer that can scrape/extract the name and emails from various real estate websites.

Visual Basic 6 Ocr Recognizer

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Looking for an experienced person/team to make me a program that can recognize this particular type graphic text

22 Samples:

Source code in Visual Basic 6 class or classic module
Parameter: input Jpg stream or Jpg file
Return: String Text result.

Programming language: Visual Basic 6.0
Language requirements: English or Spanish
Platform: Windows
Payment methods: PayPal
Rights you are p…

Link Building For Finance/loan Site 130 Links Pr1+ 2

July 9th, 2012 Comments off

Please do not place bid if you are unable to provide THEME RELATED (finance) website links and
We will not consider any bidder asking more than $50.

I want to have verifiable ‘do follow’ backlinks built to my Clients website (Finance/Loan).

The aim of the project here is to build 130 Quality Backlinks from pages that have a PageRank of 1 or more (the actual page with the link on, not the site homepage).

The Links must conform to the following requirements.

1. Links must be from w…

Utilities Company Shifting To Electronic Forms

July 9th, 2012 Comments off

Our company employs some 30+ crews of 2-5 construction workers, each headed by a foreman, to accomplish our clients’ jobs in the surrounding area. At the end of each day, our foremen fill out a work order, detailing the number of men in their crew that day, the location(s) worked, the job number, hours worked, etc. Should the need arise, the foremen are also responsible for filling out accident report forms and a host of others. Unfortunately, the paper format permits foremen to fill out the for…

Remove Malware From Vbulletin

July 9th, 2012 Comments off

I have a few bits of malware injected into my Vbulletin site that need to be removed. I discovered the infected files with
It should be a quick, easy fix for any php programmer.
Place bids accordingly.

Jm – Logo Design

July 9th, 2012 Comments off

Need a Logo for a conservative talk show host.

Name: Jay McNally

Theme: Patrotic, Blues, Reds.

Current website:

For Dfan Only

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AS discussed AS discussed AS discussed AS discussed AS discussed AS discussed AS discussed AS discussed AS discussed AS discussed AS discussed AS discussed AS discussed

Adjust A Pinterst Style Script

July 9th, 2012 Comments off

I need a very speedy Programmer that can adjust me a pinterst script I have Full Source Available.

I need some strong facebook stuff intergrated. Please send me PM

Need Some Changes On My Php Script..

July 9th, 2012 Comments off


I want to make some changes on my my website’s funny text website…
1)all want is when I/ users..upload pic to my site…i want a option to chnege text as image .the function link …they have few colors..i need some more colors and fonts..
2)on my menu there is fun option it is showing one image only although i have lots of images on should fix as random images..
3)in my site the the vote category should be like…

Amending Geo-captcha & Geo-blacklist Plugin

July 9th, 2012 Comments off

My site is The site is on Hebrew wordpress 3.4.1, using the theme Weaver 2.2.6 with many customization done by programmers.

I have installed the plugin Amending Geo-Captcha & Geo-Blacklist plugin
This plugin allows to define countries which do not have to fill in Captcha for commenting.

I installed the plugin on a test site.
You can see it at the bottom of a post at
I want 3 fi…

Private For Kabirchy

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Previously discussed for a website.

Mac Os10.7 Coder Needed To Change System-wide Font Size

July 9th, 2012 Comments off

You will need access to the latest model 15″ MacBook Pro with HiRes screen (preferably matt, non-glossy), running Lion 10.7.4 and also proven experience with this type of work.

I need the size of the system font increasing a little, so that the small letters are legible; maybe 2 point sizes.

OS Tiger had a bigger system-wide font, but when Leopard was released it was made smaller. Subsequent OSs have stuck with this small font.

There is no facility within the User Interface to do this.

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