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Header Flash Css

June 23rd, 2009

I require a new header to be produced to make my website look more professional..

The current header is simply css. I have produced an image on how i would like the new header to look.

– If possible when you first visit the website the beats on the logo should go up and down as if music is playing. Medium/slow speed for around 5 seconds. This “shouldn’t” replay every time you change page. The logo will be a link back the the home page.

– You will need to change the search drop down menu to the height the same height as the search bar that you enter the words.

– Change the drop down arrow background from blue to #DDDDDD

– Change the drop down menu border colour from blue to #B8B8B8

– Move the whole header up in the css file so it fits with the new header image & flash

– Change the Artist/Studio/Listener links at the top right to match match the same style as Top Genres for example.

This is a small job and shouldn’t take any longer than a couple of hours if you are good with css files and flash production. The website is active so the job needs to be completed quickly. I can provide the logo in .png format with each individual beat seperate and also the css file along with the new header in png. I will deposit funds into escrow before you start so you can continue to produce the flash logo.

I have had to relist this project as for some reason scriptlance was charging me an urgent fee.

Header Flash  Css

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